Samarth Educational Trust's

Sawkar Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital Satara

Approved By NCISM & Govt. Of Maharashtra.
Affilited To MUHS Nashik

Department of Dravyaguna Vigyana

Dravyaguna Vigyana (Clinical pharmacology) is an integral part of Ayurveda, which comprehensively deals with various aspects of medicinal plants explained in Ayurveda classics such as their identification, understanding their properties, action and therapeutic uses etc.In Ayurveda ,Dravyaguna vidnyan is based on Dravya, Guna ,Karma, rasa,virya, vipaka and prabhava (pharmacokinetics and pharmcodynamics) of herbs. Branch also deals with identification, collection, storage, and preservation of raw materials of plant origin.The subject Dravyaguna Vidnyan deals with basic principles of mode of action of drug and detailed study of herbal drugs thus creating platform for therapeutic application of herbs. This subject is backbone of clinical practice. The subject also includes standardization of Medicinal plants. Amongst all the available sources of drugs in various therapies herbal drugs are proved to be safest; so more and more people are attracted and wish to undergo only herbal therapy.