Samarth Educational Trust's

Sawkar Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital Satara

Approved By NCISM & Govt. Of Maharashtra.
Affilited To MUHS Nashik

Department of Rachana Sharira

To nurture a plants it needs strong roots, to build a institution it needs strong foundation, to build and encourage a science it needs strong roots values and base. We welcome everyone to the our department. Our department holds immense pleasure to cultivate the base of Rachanasharira, an ancient science literature correlate its evidence with anatomy the modern science. Our department basically focuses on evidence based study and practice by cadaver dissection, live museum with different specimens encourage students involvement in development of department by their participation in making working model and chart to make their believe stronger in our science. We also focus on different methods of preservation by conducting various lectures on Luminal casting, sheet plastination,3D models, bone bleaching procedures which is even enthusiastically learned by student and thus encourage them in various entrepreneurship through these.