Samarth Educational Trust's

Sawkar Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital Satara

Approved By NCISM & Govt. Of Maharashtra.
Affilited To MUHS Nashik

Department of Swasthvritta Evum Yoga

Previously communicable diseases and their treatment play an important (major) role in health sectors. But now in this modern era,non - communicable diseases getting more numbers and importance than communicable diseases. Instesd of taking treatment for various diseases or disorders, prevention of diseases, and maintaning the true health become far more important and sustanable option for all of us.“prevention is better than cure” .

Here swasthvritta evum yoga department/ subject play an important role. It helps in following ways

  • Prevention of diseases.
  • Maintenance of individual as well as social health.


Mainly emphasizes on proper daily regimen, as well as sesonal regimen, day to day living like morning routine, cleanliness methods , evening routine, night routine etc. Including sadvritta. (works on physical+social health)


It is essential spiritual discipline based on an extremly subtle science, it focuses on bring harmony between mind and body. (works on physical + social + mental/spiritual health)

We have separat daily swasthrakshan opd and yoga demonstration facility in hospital. We advice diet / excersise / yoga / shuddhi kriyas / rasayansas on individual basis.

Department basically focuses on scientific study and practice of yoga, museum with different specimens encourage students involvement in development of department by their participation in making working model and chart to make their believe stronger in our ayurveda. We also focus on yoga participation, community survey, different local educational visits to health centers to observe nation health program(NHP).