Samarth Educational Trust's

Sawkar Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital Satara

Approved By NCISM & Govt. Of Maharashtra.
Affilited To MUHS Nashik

Department of Sanskrit - Samhita - Siddhanta

Ayurveda literature is written in Sanskrit language. The department of Sanskrit -Samhita -Siddhanta deals with study of the Ayurvedic classics along with the basic principles of Ayurveda. The Sanskrit language is taught as an individual subject in which the grammar, conversation in Sanskrit is taught. The history of Ayurved (Ayuved Itihas) is also included in the curriculum of Sanskrit. Samhita along with the Darshana Shastra are incorporated in the Samhita Adhyayan as well as the most important subject – Padartha Vigyan and Quantum mechanics. The vision of the department is to make understand the students the classic literature in a proper manner. The departmental activities are planned to make the learning more enjoyable. Shloka recitations are facilitated by the respective teacher in the classes. Learning through the hands on practical is achieved by the various activities like preparation of models and charts.